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We believe that people are our assets and it is people who will ensure our success. AMS offers a fair and enjoyable work environment. AMS treats employees as part of the company and provides them a sense of belonging.


Healthcare Benefits

AMS provides comprehensive medical and accident insurance benefits to its associates. The premiums of these coverage are paid by the company. The Medical Insurance coverage extends to three of the Associate's immediate dependants.


Associates are provided financial assistance in case of a medical emergency. Associates are provided financial assistance at the time of their wedding. The new recruits are provided with interest free loans to assist them in their initial settlement at the work location.

Employee Referral Scheme

The employee referral scheme is implemented to encourage Associates to refer friends and relatives for employment at AMS.

Educational Benefits

AMS reimburses the expenses incurred towards training and certification.

Traveling Expenses

AMS takes care of all the expenses related to business travels. Whether it is an International business travel or a trip to client site or getting transferred to one AMS location to other throughout the world, AMS ensures that all your needs are taken care and fulfilled at right time.

" With AMS, I got an opportunity to develop myself both professionally and personally. AMS bore all my charges for complete training and certification. I have found rewards, both personal and monetary, to be unlimited. I am very proud of AMS and am honored to be a part of the AMS...."

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