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HIPPA Compliance
Medical record privacy, extensive regulations, Patient information privacy protection, stringent standards.. Are you ready for it?

For compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulated entities must securely store, maintain and transmit private health information (PHI). AMS provides end-to-end services to enable healthcare organizations to meet the requirements of HIPAA .

AMS Agile Approach

Awareness Phase

Assessment Phase

Implementation Phase

Analyzing the rule and its impact   on your business.


Audit and inventory existing technology, policies, processes, physical security

Implementation and remediation

HIPPA Educational program

Creating list of vulnerabilities

Technical, Physical, and Administrative Security and Privacy Implementations

Readiness Assessment

Providing GAP analysis

Security and Privacy Policy Development


Providing IT and business process recommendation

Independent verification and validation
Identifying protected health information Prioritizing the project list  

The Expertise

AMS health care consulting teams integrate industry- specific financial, clinical, and information technology experience along with extensive HIPAA knowledge to provide you with the expertise your organization needs to ensure that your products and services meet the HIPAA compliance requirements . AMS is uniquely qualified to enable your organization to meet the challenges of HIPAA


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