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Operating Model and Core Competencies

AMSs' effective and efficient Enterprise Architecture provides the foundation for flexible and scalable responses to change. The Architecture provides the framework that facilitates rapid application development and allows continuing technological innovation. AMSs' operates on following operational components of Enterprise Architecture:

Business Architecture : the business process which defines the enterprise- based on its mission and goals.

Data Architecture : the data manipulated by applications, on the technology, to perform the business processes.

Applications Architecture : the systems and user interfaces that define how the business functions are performed.

Technology Architecture : the infrastructure of processors, networks, storage, and software through which services are delivered.
These operational components support the IT Architecture Principles which states the preferred architectural direction.

By developing an Enterprise Architecture foundation and operating within it, AMS delivers business functionality through IT in a more timely and cost effective manner. Our goal is to provide finest software quality solutions which exceed our customers' expectations.

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