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Our Company
AMS is a leading software development and consulting company providing hi-tech information technology solutions and manpower staffing. Our main asset has been our software professionals who have been successfully working at Top Fortune Company all over the US.

AMS believes in partnering with companies to achieve a synergy of two firms through learning the goals and objectives of the organization. Over time by applying the appropriate mix of people and technology.

We believe in roll-up-your-sleeves and get-the-job-done culture that prizes consistency in our level of service and the delivery of competitive, value-added solutions.

Technology Consulting

Consulting services bring you the best practices, technologies and business models that can help you stay ahead in a changing economy and marketplace. AMS acts as a trusted advisor to its clients, providing a full range of IT and management consulting services, including IT strategic planning, staffing, business process engineering and systems architecture. More.....

Advanced Solutions

AMS provides implementation services covering the full scope of today's enterprise IT environment such as ERP, CRM, SCM, integrating different technologies to create IT systems that respond to clients' strategic needs. More...

Quality Assurance and Interop Services

AMS believes in providing high-quality deliverables through its " Quality Assurance " and " Quality Process " programs. Our goal is to provide finest software quality solutions which exceed our customers' expectations. More...

Validation and Verification

AMSs' Validation and Verification (V&V) Services are more than just testing of products. It offers the security of developing a product, system, test system or method for fulfilling quality aspects and of detecting failures as early as possible in the development process.


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