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Governance & Change Management

The importance of IT governance and compliance has come to the fore over the last few years with the increased industry regulatory requirements.  The business world is only going to come under more scrutiny as it reacts to the full implications of The Freedom of Information Act and others as they arrive.  As a result, the flow of information across a business needs to be more stringently controlled. Change management is the most critical layer in controlling the information flow in a complex IT environment and considers this to be the most essential factor in forming a successful IT governance program. 

One of the analyst firm recognizes that change management is pertinent to a successful IT governance program as regulatory compliance necessitates the definition of procedures, communication of those procedures to employees, monitoring to ensure procedures are being followed and auditing to demonstrate what has actually taken place.  It also suggests that business processes should be mapped to the change management using workflow in order to demonstrate compliance as well as achieve it.

AMS's ability to address all aspects of change from software to people, make it a powerful tool to support compliance and it is ideally suited as the cornerstone of an IT governance program.

AMS can help to reduce the overall costs of IT governance by establishing closed loop control over all assets, and managing a hierarchy of change, processes, configurations and change events.  As an effective change management solution it also has the potential to remove the barriers that often exist between different departments and different IT systems, further enhancing alignment, improving quality and generating cost savings.

Key Features

  Supports communication of high-level and low-level change events.

  Can manage change across interdependent programs. Handles all key change patterns.

  Includes configuration management that addresses all types of infrastructure assets throughout the full software lifecycle.

  Can integrate with other IT governance tools.

  Provides support for mapping business processes to change process.

  Provides comprehensive project planning and workflow with complete audit trail.

  Maintains alignment of IT operations with business strategy.

  Closed loop IT service management that improves quality.


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